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Acceleration and investment for projects or solutions related to Food Delivery, logistics and last mile delivery, such as technology-based projects, mobility, route optimization, blockchain ...



Mox is a company specialized in last mile logistics, e-commerce and marketplace. We currently operate in more than 50 cities in Spain and in three countries, Mexico, Italy and Spain. We are a company of 1,100 people and we distribute more than two million orders a year.


  • Make use of last mile logistics within your business model.

  • Projects related to mobility, route optimization, blockchain ...

  • Innovative solutions related to logistics and last mile delivery.


  • From blockchain to payroll management and administrative management.

  • Solutions for reverse logistics (failed delivery). (What to do to avoid having to return orders that have not been delivered).

  • Beehive delivery solutions How to deliver Food Delivery through micro hubs in the city ?. (How to collect, optimize and make organized routes within the food distribution).


A 6-month program under an investment plan of up to € 30,000 .

Mainly designed with the objective of generating invoicing through the commercialization / monetization of the services offered by startups, helping to turn their projects into real and investible businesses.


To do this, we detect the areas necessary to work and provide the right entrepreneurs / specialists who will help you solve the problems that you may encounter in the early phases of launching a startup.


Investment up to 30K

The selected startups will enter an investment program marked by milestones, which will be defined according to the status of the project, and the objectives identified as achievable and optimal for the growth of the startup.



Each startup will be assigned a work area, according to the number of members, where all the necessary actions for their company can be carried out in a real business environment belonging to StartupLabsSpain, where they will coexist with other startups in operation.


They will have access to a meeting room equipped to make presentations, videoconferences, meetings, etc.


They will also have a kitchen-office for breakfast, lunch and snacks where they will have coffee, fruit and sweets.


VIP mentoring

Together with the startup, we analyze the areas where he needs mentoring to be able to execute the project successfully and a group of mentors is appointed to him, who are entrepreneurs or heads of the business department , who will meet with them monthly (5 hours / month) to Analyze and resolve problems encountered in the early stages of MPV launch.

At each meeting the objectives to be met by the startup will be marked and it will be guided so that they can achieve it. The analysis meetings will be held within the Startuplabs facilities and the follow-up meetings can be held by videoconference or email.


All mentoring will be recorded on a tracking sheet by the mentors and the startup.


VIP Networking

We include startups in our travel agenda to the most important technological and innovative events both nationally and internationally, where they will facilitate relationships with potential clients, patners and investors.


We also generate synergies between startups and consolidated companies within the ecosystem generated through these years, facilitating the value network of contacts between them.



As a startup:

  • Projects related to last mile logistics, e-commerce and the marketplace.

  • Technology-based projects with a strong innovation component.

  • MPV developed and ready or launched on the market.

  • With first metrics or billing.

  • Exclusive dedication to the project.

  • Work team already formed.

As a team to develop a solution:

  • Multidisciplinary team with experience in the solution to be developed.

  • Written presentation of the solution to be developed.

  • Exclusive dedication to the project.

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