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Our main mission is to help Andalusian startups to invoice, to achieve a profitable and scalable business.


What is StartupLabsSpain?

It is a new accelerator, initiative of the English investor and businessman Tom Horsey, one of the 200 most active 'Business Angels' in Europe. Located in the Torneo de Sevilla Business Park, it was created as a complement to the current incubators and crowdworking centers that are currently in Andalusia.


Designed for those startups of B2C digital content, digital marketing and mobility that already have a product or service developed and launched on the market or about to do so.

Tom Horsey is one of the 48 most active 'Business Angels' in Spain , especially focused on companies in Andalusia.

How do we help startups?

At StartupLabsSpain we incubate, for a period of between six and twelve months, the Andalusian startups with the most potential and we accelerate them through a Mentoring program with entrepreneurs and specialists from long-term areas, where we help entrepreneurs to convert their projects in real and investible businesses.

What type of project do we choose?

Technology-based startups specialized in digital projects with an MVP developed and ready to launch on the market.

What is our mission and objectives?

StartupLabsSpain aims to enrich the Andalusian ecosystem with new companies related to innovation and new technologies, helping entrepreneurs to obtain national or international investors.


In recent years, through our internal fund, we have invested in more than 40 startups and have attracted new national and international investments, in addition to reaching agreements with large business groups.

Get to know us closely:

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